Connecting businesses and building partnerships in the Arctic.

The Arctic Report is more than just a publication: it’s about connecting businesses and building partnerships in the Arctic. We want you to feel like you’re part of the conversation by letting us know of issues specifically important to you and your company, local government, or organization. North Star Group can also provide you with contact information of key actors in the Arctic policy world.

What is included with the service?

NSG attends a number of Arctic-related events, hearings and conferences in DC, Alaska, and beyond to report on the dialogue surrounding Arctic policy, which includes transportation, resource development (oil, gas, minerals), renewable energy, telecommunications, Indigenous Peoples affairs, economic development & investment, national security, Coast Guard, foreign affairs & Arctic Council, environment & climate change, fisheries, infrastructure, shipping–a wide range of topics important to you. In addition to reporting on live events, issues include special features such as exclusive interviews with policy experts and business leaders, list of upcoming events, collection of resources and links for your reference, and other news. But most importantly, the Arctic Report is driven by you and the issues you want NSG to report on, the questions you want us to ask, and the events you want us to attend. We’re happy to give you a call about how we can be of service to you.

Drive the Conversation

You can also help drive the conversation by filling out our survey about how we can tailor the Arctic Report to your needs. We are offering our product, along with other publications, at a rate of $1,840 annually that comes to less than $200 a month, including all previous editions. We can provide an invoice with other payment options as well, or work out group discounts for multi-member consortium or organizations. The price affords professional time in attending meetings, interviews, travel and entry fees, plus writing and reporting and editing–as well as professional outreach on behalf of subscribers and attending events by request. Plus, we can provide you with access to our Arctic Network (more than 500 circumpolar business and government leaders!).

Why Subscribe?

Because North Star Group can put you in touch with business partners, researchers, and government officials to help you meet your goals. Plus NSG has access to events not covered in the news, with a special ear for Alaska because we too are Alaskans–all with contextual analysis and resources. Past events that The Arctic Report has covered include the 2017 Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, The Wilson Center Arctic Circle Forum, Senate and House Natural Resource Committee Hearings, meetings of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission, and more. Sign up today by clicking here.